TeraMind (Public)

TeraMind (Public)

1.      What is monitored?

a.       Windows applications windows titles

                                                               i.      Not the content, only window titles to determine the application class; e.g. Productive / Non-Productive

b.      Visited URLs via browsers

                                                               i.      Not the content, only a very limited list of business related domains are monitored.

                                                             ii.      Current list is below. Please feel free to suggest if you have a website you use for business.

                                                           iii.      Not monitored if the browser is in Private/Incognito Mode

c.       Keyboard and Mouse activity

                                                               i.      Only to monitor physical activity, e.g. movement, click

                                                             ii.      Not a key logger!

d.      Windows session status

                                                               i.      Computer ON/OFF, User Logged In/Logged Off/Locked, Screensaver, Sleep

2.      Who can see? / What they can see?

a.       All users can see their own data, what is collected by monitoring these activities.

b.      Your manager and her/his managers can see the same data.

All other features of the TeraMind application not mentioned above are not available in the version we use or features are disabled. Also no screenshots, no microphone access, no video recording is being done.


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The version we use is TeraMind Starter

·         Windows


·         MacOS




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Monitored Websites

zoom.us, github.com, azure.com, google.com, microsoft.com, veripark.com, webex.com, stackoverflow.com, dynamics.com, windows.net, azure.net, office.com, azure-api.net, cloudapp.net, azurecr.io, azurecontainer.io, msecnd.net, azurefd.net, azure-mobile.net, azureedge.net, azurewebsites.net, visualstudio.com, sharepoint.com, c-sharpcorner.com, localhost, oracle.com, fortify.com, windows.com, hashicorp.com, adobe.com, hockeyapp.net, nuget.org, bower.io, powershellgallery.com, microsoftonline.com, java.com, apache.org, docusign.net, nodejs.org, github.io, huawei.com, powerapps.com, katalon.com, azure.ai, Browserstack.com, nnhayatemeklilik.com.tr, codeproject.com, cyberark.aksigorta.com.tr, jira.intertech.com.tr, jira, udemy.com, service-now.com, curiousconcept.com, json2csharp.com, ykbvdi.yapikredi.com.tr, atlaskese.allianz.com.tr, develop1.net, freeformatter.com, diagrams.net, tutorialspoint.com, diffcheker.com